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volunteer information

Little River Wetlands Project restores and protects natural areas for the benefit of people and wildlife, and offers free nature programs for the community--but we can't do all this alone.

· Photography

Document our properties and events for our website, newsletters, etc.

· Trail Guides

Train to lead groups during wetland education programs at our properties. 

· Community Outreach

Spread the word about all the great things happening at our properties.

· Community Science

No matter what your background is, you can be a citizen scientist!  LRWP participates in Hoosier RiverWatch, Monarch Larva Monitoring Project, NestWatch, iNaturalist/Phenology and other projects.  Help us collect real data while enjoying our preserves!

· Maintenance

Are you handy with tools? Can you fix things? How about tractors? We could use your expertise.

· Office Assistant

Help us with organization, filing, mailings, and much more!

· Preserve Stewardship

Get your hands dirty!  Stewards assist with everything from seed gathering to invasive species removal.

· Trail Stewardship

Help us help others enjoy our trails by adopting one and monitoring it regularly.   

· Large Events

Volunteers make our large events possible by helping with education, information, merchandise, parking and much more! 

· Trash Clean Up

Help keep our preserves clean!  Join a large clean-up event or pick up as you hike solo, every little bit matters. 

If you would like more information please contact us at or calling (260) 478-2515.

Volunteer Applications can be filled out online: Apply Here

Weather Policy

All programs are cancelled if any of the following conditions occur within Allen County:

  • Southwest Allen County Schools close due to inclement weather

  • A winter storm warning is issued

  • A thunderstorm warning is issued

  • A tornado warning is issued

  • Hikes are cancelled if the heat index is 100° F or greater

  • Hikes are cancelled if the wind chill is 10° F or colder

For other inclement weather or dangerous site conditions not mentioned above (ie. flood conditions, downed power lines), programs may be subject to cancellation if deemed unsafe.

If there is lightning seen or thunder heard (by an adult) during a hike, ALL PARTICIPANTS AND LRWP VOLUNTEERS must return to the barn.  The scheduled event on the marsh can continue 30 minutes after the last lightning was seen or thunder heard.  The program is allowed to continue in the barn.

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