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Hours & regulations

Hours and Cost

Our preserves are open from dawn to dusk, 365 days a year, at no cost.

Trail Regulations

Hours and Cost

Enjoy our preserves, but please let them stay wild!

To protect our wildlife, do not bring in or remove animals or plants of any kind. Imported species can carry diseases or cause other problems. Please take your trash out with you.

As much as we love dogs, they are NOT allowed on any of our preserves.



Pets, hunting, fishing, biking, motorized vehicles, horseback riding, alcohol, drugs, weapons, camping, campfires, and all collecting.


Remain on marked trails. The wildlife of our preserves need our habitats to survive--please do not trample them. Stay away from indicated hazards and use caution near ditches or when stewardship activities are underway. 

If you wish to bike near Eagle Marsh, please visit Visit Fort Wayne website for a map to follow along the Towpath Trail.

Trail Regulations
Field Trips for Classes/Groups

Click here for an application to bring a class/group to a LRWP preserve.

Teachers, let us know what you're studying and we can tailor a program that's relevant to the classroom. Scouts, our staff and volunteers can work with you to meet requirements for different badges. Trips are arranged on a first come, first served basis.

Adult groups may also wish to visit our preserves or volunteer. Please call us if your employee group, club, hiking group, birding group, church group, senior program or other community group is interested in a guided visit or might like to volunteer at an event or for stewardship.

Offsite presentations can be given about our preserves and programs to businesses, clubs or other community groups through special arrangements with our staff. Classroom presentations on wetland topics may also be arranged on a limited basis.

For more information, or to discuss an event for your group, please email Aly Munger at

Field Trips for Classes/Groups
Accessibility at Our Preserves

While planning your visit, if you need any specific accommodations to make your experience  more accessible for you or a member of your party, please email us at or call 260-478-2515. We are happy to help you have the best adventure you can at our preserve!

If you'd prefer to visit on your own time, the gate to Eagle Marsh will be open 11am-3pm Tuesday through Thursday to provide direct access to our fully accessible floating trail (pictured below). This trail is located on the north side of the Eagle Marsh barn, visible to your left as your drive to the barn down the gravel road from Engle Road.

Eagle Marsh Floating Trail
Eagle Marsh Floating Trail
Weather Policy

All programs are cancelled if any of the following conditions occur within Allen County:

  • Southwest Allen County Schools close due to inclement weather

  • A winter storm warning is issued

  • A thunderstorm warning is issued

  • A tornado warning is issued

  • Hikes are cancelled if the heat index is 100° F or greater

  • Hikes are cancelled if the wind chill is 10° F or colder

For other inclement weather or dangerous site conditions not mentioned above (ie. flood conditions, downed power lines), programs may be subject to cancellation if deemed unsafe.

If there is lightning seen or thunder heard (by an adult) during a hike, ALL PARTICIPANTS AND LRWP VOLUNTEERS must return to the barn.  The scheduled event on the marsh can continue 30 minutes after the last lightning was seen or thunder heard.  The program is allowed to continue in the barn.

Weather Policy
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