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Indiana Senate Bill 389

LRWP knows there is a lot of discussion regarding Indiana Senate Bill 389. Our mission is to restore and protect wetlands, this includes isolated wetlands.

Generally, isolated wetlands are wetlands that have no apparent surface water connection to a waterbody. Eagle Marsh is not considered an isolated wetland, and has federal and state protections.

Purdue University is hosting two educational, virtual programs on February 24 to explore more about the importance of isolated wetlands in Indiana. LRWP strongly encourages you to take the time to learn more about these essential ecosystems.

Click here to register, and for a list of speakers and topics.

Eagle Marsh Green Gate

The green gate at Eagle Marsh will be CLOSED until further notice due to the weather. We apologize for the inconvenience. Look for the return of our regularly open gate times, Monday-Thursday, 11am-3pm, when the weather is warmer and a little more consistent!

Thank you!

LRWP Office

The LRWP office will be open by appointment only. Please call 260-478-2515 or email to schedule your appointment. 

We are checking voicemails regularly, so feel free to leave a message and we will return your call as soon as we're able. Thank you!


Seed to Marsh

Are you interested in coming out to Eagle Marsh for a free and fun family hike? Join us for a Seed to Marsh program including free guided hikes for your family unit with school aged children.

The Seed to Marsh program will be 30 to 60 minutes long and will include a short hike and a stewardship activity. Activities are contingent on time of the year and the priority of tasks. Activities could include transplanting seedlings, making seed balls, collecting seeds, planting native plants, etc. and the hikes could cover a variety of topics from decomposers to native wildflowers.

If this sounds good to you and you are interested, please email LRWP Wetland Educator, Aly Munger, at to schedule your hike today!

Hikes are a first come first serve basis. Please include your name, 3 possible dates at least a week out from your email, times you'd like the program, as well as how many will be in your group. Thank you!

Trail 5/the Continental Divide Closure
Beginning July 16, Trail 5/the Continental Divide trail will be closing in order for the DNR to install a water control structure. This structure will allow us to better control water levels when necessary at the marsh. During construction the trail head/parking area off Engle Road will be utilized as a staging area for large equipment. Throughout the course of construction, parking will be a bit limited. We'll keep you updated on any other changes to the plan!

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