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wish list

There are numerous avenues through which you can support our organization's sustainability and growth. While monetary contributions are valuable, donations of materials and other efforts are equally crucial. If you prefer to offer specific gifts, we have outlined some needs below to bolster our capabilities.

To maximize your savings on online purchases, you can utilize This free tool compares prices across different retailers, guaranteeing you the most favorable deal while also backing the Little River Wetlands Project. We appreciate your consideration and support!


Hands free hand sanitizer dispensers

Large Rubbermaid tubs with lids (40 quart/10 gallon)

Mechanical tool sets - (1) metric and (1) American

Metal cutlery (100 sets)

Orange traffic cones

Parking Batons

Postage stamps

Shop vacuum

Two ton hydraulic floor jack

Two-way radios

Trash grabbers

Water dispenser

Wide push broom

We also have items more specifically listed on our Amazon Wish List. You can access that list by clicking here.


Feel free to email us at with questions or inquiries. Thank you!

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