It is no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way many business and organizations run, ours included. A major setback we have faced has been the ability to host events and programming.


Little River Wetlands Project offers free, monthly and large community events throughout the year, every year, serving over 12,000+ individuals. In order to do that, we depend immensely on individual giving and our two major fundraisers. One of those fundraisers is the Urban Turtle Festival. At this event, we raise money specifically for our turtle research, data collection and conservation. 

Why care about urban turtles? Because turtles have a hard time surviving in our urban habitats that are full of barriers making it tough for turtles to find food, mates, and a safe place to lay eggs. Through our research project, we are learning about the travel habits of turtles, which habitats they like best at Eagle Marsh, and where they are crossing Engle Road.


A unique way we are able to sustain this research fund is by offering turtle adoptions during the Urban Turtle Festival event. Since we are unable to celebrate this event in 2020 in person, we have decided to bring the adoptions to you! With an adoption fee of $25 (or more if you choose), you will provide continued research to restore and protect the habitats of the urban turtles living on our preserves, student research, community science opportunities to study turtles, and educational programs for the public. As a thank you for your donation, you will receive a complimentary magnet with your turtle's picture, including their adopted name-given to them by you!

This adoption page and continued research funding and materials are provided by; Little River Wetlands Project, Aqua IndianaNIPSCO & NiSource Foundation, Purdue Fort Wayne Department of Biology, and the Environmental Resources Center at Purdue Fort Wayne.

1. Adult snapping turtle

Turtle, Snapping at EM.jpg

2. Hatchling snapping turtle


3. Adult painted turtle

4. Hatchling painted turtle

5. Adult softshell turtle

6. Adult Blandings turtle (Indiana State Endangered)

The adoption process is easy, follow these steps:

  1. Select which turtle you would like adopt

  2. Decide on a name for your turtle

  3. Click the the green button below to fill out information needed to adopt your turtle

    1.  Please list the number of turtle you'd like adopt, and the name you have picked in the "notes" section 

  4. Please provide us with your mailing address to receive your 'proof of adoption' magnet

Adoption fee is $25 (or more if you choose)