Honor a Special Person with a Gift to LRWP

If someone you care about loves natural areas, wetlands, native plants or wildlife, please consider honoring that special person with a gift to LRWP.

Special Occasions or Messages

A donation to LRWP in honor of someone's birthday, anniversary, graduation or other special occasion says that you care and that you know the honoree cares about the natural world and the creatures that live there. Or, you can send a special message not tied to an occasion such as "Thanks for helping" or, "With love."



When loved ones pass away, family or friends often wonder how best to honor them. Donations to LRWP that are used at our preserves become a tribute to the loved one's memory that will live forever. Donations to our nature programs will help others understand and more greatly value the natural world. Either gift is a fitting way to honor someone who cared about nature or LRWP.

All donations in memory of a person who has passed away will be recognized in LRWP's quarterly newsletter, On the Marsh, and each donor will receive a letter acknowledging his or her amount as a tax-deductible gift to LRWP. Memorial gifts totaling $500 or more can also be recognized on our website if desired.

A thoughtful gift that lasts forever

All gifts given to LRWP will be used to further its mission: to restore and protect wetlands in the Little River watershed and to provide educational opportunities that encourage individuals to be good stewards of wetlands and other natural ecosystems.

Donors may also choose to direct their gifts toward particular needs or projects. LRWP's use of significant gifts may be planned in consultation with our executive director, Amy Silva. Just call Amy at 260-478-2515 and she’ll be glad to share ideas for how best to honor your loved one.