Little River Wetlands Project is a nonprofit land trust founded in 1990 with the goal of restoring and preserving wetlands in the watershed of the Little River, a headwater tributary of the Wabash River. Its primary project area encompasses 25,000 acres of land once known as the Great Marsh, in Allen and Huntington Counties, Indiana. When settlers first arrived in this area, they found a vast wetland complex teeming with wildlife. LRWP is working to restore what can be saved of this valuable ecosystem.

With the help of its members and volunteers, LRWP protects almost 1,227 acres in the Little River watershed. At its Eagle Marsh, Arrowhead Marsh and Arrowhead Prairie preserves, initial restoration is complete, native plants are growing, and wildlife is returning in abundance. Intensive stewardship to nurture the new native plants is still needed at all three preserves. In 2014 LRWP acquired 25-acre Buttonbush Bottoms, a restored wetlands preserve near Arrowhead Marsh. Little River Landing nature preserve in Huntington, co-owned with ACRES Land Trust, is being maintained in a natural state.

The mission of the Little River Wetlands Project is to restore and protect wetlands in the historic watershed of the Little River, a major tributary of the Wabash River, and to provide educational opportunities that encourage good stewardship of wetlands and other natural ecosystems.

Much of the wildlife that once thrived on the Great Marsh is now endangered or threatened. By providing needed habitat, our wetland preserves help these precious species survive. Wetlands also control flooding, cleanse groundwater, and offer opportunities for people in nearby communities to enjoy nature recreation. Our free nature education programs teach those of all ages about wetlands and related nature topics. Finally, LRWP is a good neighbor, supplying consultation to individuals who wish to preserve or restore their land and providing opportunities for scientific study to nearby universities.

How you can help

Only with your support can Little River Wetlands Project continue to restore and protect wetlands, care for its preserves, and offer its free nature programs and events for our community. Please consider making a generous contribution now.


For more information send us a message, email info@lrwp.org, or call us at: (260) 478-2515